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Sensual Flows: Healing Workshop

Sensual Flows: Healing Workshop

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Throughout our journey, the impacts from sexual encounters- internal and or external, influences the way we see ourselves and others. In this course, we will be harnessing our sexual energy to create and heal through tantric breathing, meditation, sensual movement, inner energy, and ritual magick.

This course will take place on APRIL 5 & 6, 2023 AT 7 PM EST. 

PLEASE NOTE: this course will take place via ZoomYou are responsible for downloading this app and ensuring attendance on the date. This is a digital product, you will receive the information and instructions for the course to download AFTER you successfully purchase the course. 

****NOTE****: Additionally, please be sure to register with your FULL NAME, provide your EMAIL and your TELEPHONE #! 

*No refunds once purchased. 

Suggested items to have:

Comfy clothes
Socks (optional)
Notepad and pen
Knee pads, pillows, other support items for your accessibility needs.
Yoga mat, blankets, or towels you can lay on
An open mind and willingness to be vulnerable with your classmates
Candle (Color, optional)

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